2015 Annual Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Every year Moore and Smalley design and distribute a Client Satisfaction Survey to all clients to gather their thoughts and feedback regarding all aspects of our performance throughout the previous twelve months.

The survey has a variety of question types from ‘yes’ or ‘no’, through to open, and provides both qualitative and quantitative results. It has been designed in this way to try to cover as many areas as possible and to ensure our clients feel they have had the opportunity to provide us with a complete and thorough response.

With that being said, the 2015 Annual Client Satisfaction Survey has now been closed, and the results have been collated. We are pleased to say the results are our best yet, with 94% of our clients saying they would confidently recommend us.

This is one of many key percentages obtained through our survey results, please click the following link to view our results summary in full.