Delivering a sustainable
tomorrow, today

At MHA we believe the world in which we live and work can be sustainable if we want it to be.

We must lead on ensuring a sustainable future for our people and planet and be accountable for our contributions and impact.
MHA is committed to doing everything within its power to becoming a net zero organisation by 2030 and to building a positive climate balanced contribution thereafter. 

To achieve these goals we recognise the vital role of the ‘S’ (Social) and the ‘G’ (Governance) in ESG.

We are committed to providing our staff, our leaders, our clients and our suppliers with the support necessary to enable them to contribute meaningfully to achieving the sustainability promise; and we are equally committed to achieving that promise within a governance framework that is class-leading.

Our ESG strategy celebrates our achievements so far and sets our goals for positive environmental, social and governance changes we as a community can make to deliver a sustainable tomorrow, today.

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Building a better future: our commitment to ESG

Find out more about the key elements of our ESG strategy:

Environmental Impact

We are aiming to execute all reasonable procedures to become a Net Zero organisation by 2030.

Societal Impact

Our strategy aims to positively impact communities, promote diversity, and protect employee well-being.


We are committed to being transparent and fair, and building relationships with key stakeholders who share our values for positive change.

The genesis of our ESG strategy

‘Putting Something Back’ has always been one of our core values as a Firm and our impact improvement plan has been at the forefront of our Firm’s strategy.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the pace of change with agile working which resulted in positive environmentally friendly practices being implemented and adopted as standard. However, this was achieved as a reaction. Imagine what could be created with intent.

Our ESG journey showcases our achievements to date but recognises there is much more we can do. Climate change, social mobility and increased governance risks are impacting our Firm, clients and people and we recognise that having a robust and dynamic ESG Strategy is integral to the sustainability of our planet and future success of our Firm.

Our goals

Simply, we want to live by our principle of Now, For Tomorrow, creating an ESG programme which we as a Firm can live by and also deliver to our clients and communities to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation.

We want to commit to our decarbonisation journey and pledge to be net zero by 2030 and create a working environment where eco-friendly practices are prioritised.

We want to be embedded in our community and play our part in promoting financial education and tackling social mobility issues for our young people.

We want to be a forward-thinking firm who is dedicated to actively engaging and encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace and protecting our people’s health and wellbeing from the pressures of the modern world.

Our commitments

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by a minimum of 10% each year to 2030 by investing in a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality.

Working with UK Community Foundation via Lancashire Investors in Community, which will be the flagship for our charitable endeavours. We will also support the ICAEW RISE Initiative and our people’s individual charity projects both financially and by donating our skills, knowledge and time.

To build a robust governance framework to help us build our culture and vision which aligns with our commitment to partner with likeminded businesses and people who share our vision for positive change.

The 1892 Foundation

We believe we have a responsibility to help build a socially sustainable future for the young people in our local communities.

Through our Purpose Project, we are committed to improving access to financial education to equip the next generation with essential economic, work and life skills, which is currently lacking from our National Curriculum.

That is why we have established the 1892 Foundation, our own charitable fund to engage our people to be involved in the valuable work through fundraising activities and donation of their time, skills and knowledge.

We will work with Community Foundations in the UK who will help direct vital funding to inspirational projects and organisations that share our purpose project across our office locations.

1892 Foundation was named to recognise our Moore and Smalley history as the year the Firm was founded, acknowledging our legacy of giving back to our local communities as we move forward with the clear vision and purpose of the foundation’s goals.

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